Shea Gamine


Shea 'Gamine' is a 13" vinyl BJD with 13 points of articulation, hand painted by Helen in your choice of eye color (shown here with sea storm blue blue eyes) and a chin length Paige boy hairstyle in dark brown mohair. 'Gamine' wears a navy blue & white striped knit tee shirt tucked into a high waisted trouser made of fine navy corduroy with a dotted pink pattern, straps and pockets (both front and back) of contrasting pink cotton. Her wool felt beret is nearly the same shade of pink as the pockets and dots and her glittery pink, high top canvas shoes complete the look, along with a fabric pin depicting a black Scottish terrier!

Available to KCS members until August 18th 2014

Edition of 40

0x0x16 in
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