Harvest Moon Wren

Our 2009 version of Wren can't help it if her fashion sense turns Euro-centric from time to time. She is, after all, a child of the 21st century and as such, a citizen of the world. Perhaps even of worlds past, as seen in this reference to the folk costuming of Eastern Europe made chic. Although it looks like Harvest Moon Wren is wearing many layers, her dress is actually one piece; with a plum colored cotton style bodice, an apron of mustard wool felt, colorfully embroidered with abstract flowers over a double ruffle of a companionable cotton print and plum cotton. Long sleeves made of green illusion balance the mid-calf length of the frock. Over her long dark brown mohair waves, Wren wears a delicately crocheted plum and green cap embellished with wool felt flowers. To finish the look, Wren's feet are gracefully shod in purple leather boots, perfect for stomping grapes or dancing the Czardas!
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