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April in Colorado

A few days ago, we noticed our young trees beginning to bud in divine hues from lime to veridian and dazzling fuschia. The temperatures were balmy and the birds were chirping. Then, the temperature dropped to below 32 degrees, first giving us a cold rain, then snow well into the night. As I write this the sun is glorious and the snow has melted in the streets, but an inch of global warming still coats the cars and the shrubbery. I haven't had the heart to look at my little baby trees just yet.

Happier news is that we have a tentative launch date for our 'Love & Kishes' website sometime in June! Tamas is traveling this month to the two sites where we are having our cake toppers made; Budapest, Hungary and Hong Kong (where the first models will be displayed at the Hong Kong Gift Fair).

Five new designs for 2014 are in production now! This year, we will wait to show them until just before shipment arrives....just to keep it fresh!  

Wishing all of you the strength to get through tax day and a brilliant, beautiful Spring!



          'Roses Have Thorns'





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Good news for all Kish Collector Society members! Helen has designed a new club pin, which is free to all members for a $7 shipping fee. It is hand made of resin in the Kish studios and is approximately 1" X 1.5". We have additional perks coming this year, including a very limited 'members only' doll! She is an new sculpt; all vinyl, about six inches tall. We can say no more.

Here is the image of the new club pin. 


NOTICE! We can now offer three paint styles for the new club pin (pictured below) for $30 in addition to the shipping cost. 


   Pink Marble Deco


   Bronzed Deco  


   White/gray marble deco

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery! 



Please check out our 2nd to last auction to benefit Marshall's Miles! 


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