Girl on a Swing - Bronze

Girl on a Swing - Bronze

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Kish & Company

began with an idea….

Helen Kish has been creating dolls since the early 1980’s. She started out as most artists do - a complete amateur. But the love of dolls and of sculpture spurred her on, as she gave herself new challenges with every sculpt. By the close of the 80’s, Helen had developed a following for her porcelain editions and was represented by one of the leading venues in the US - The Toy Shoppe.

Then, she found a book of dolls by a German artist that were exquisite likenesses of children. And they were made of …Vinyl! Right then, Helen set herself a new challenge. If an artist could make these beautiful dolls in vinyl there, why couldn’t she do it here? And so it began.

In 1991, Kish & Company debuted its first line of vinyl dolls, three representations of girls from the 1930’s, the 1950’s and the 1970’s, which just happened to coincide with Helen’s mother’s, hers and her daughter’s generations.

Along the way, Helen added other forms of figurative art to her body of work, including bronzes and OOAK stoneware figures. Still at work creating dolls for collectors around the world in porcelain, vinyl and resin, Helen will persevere “God willing and the creek don’t rise”.

Tamas Kish, Helen’s husband and partner of 48 years is the CFO of Kish & Company and her irreplaceable support.