Eye on Eternity

I turned another year older in the time lapsed since my last post.

It’s been quite a ride. Sculpting is still my passion and creating beauty in small packages still my calling.

Is it possible that I have been making dolls professionally for over 35 years now? The changes in my life and in the business through these years has been truly astounding. 

It seems like another life when I turned a fun little way of making gifts for family into a small, one woman business. Still another life ago when I had a staff and a studio in a beautiful historic building. There has been an ebb & flow of the popularity of our dolls, but our core collectors have stayed with us throughout it all. And We Love You!  Many people will be astonished to hear that I was so shy in the early years that I stayed away from public venues, like conventions and Toy Fair. Then, my friend Robert Tonner told me that I needed to ‘get out there!’ that people wanted to meet me. And I have met so many wonderful people, and made lifelong friends by putting myself into the public sphere.

Uncertainty, which is life after all… is upon us. After 18 years of working with our partners (and friends) in China, our ability to produce an affordable doll there is in question. So, what do I know for sure today? 

We are still working with our wonderful Chinese friends, making the necessary adjustments and we wish them well!

After nearly 49 years of marriage and taking our health for granted - I am fortunate to be alive and to have my husband of 49 years with me.

Today, new (or are they?) concepts are working their way to the surface, begging for attention.

Today, I have the desire to get my hands back in earth clay and make one of kind figurative pieces.

Today, I have my eye on eternity.

May God bless you all.