Rumors of My Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated...

Several years ago, someone shocked me by asking if was was enjoying retirement. Looking back, I think rumors of my retirement were spurred by the disappearance of our Kish & Company website. It didn’t just disappear, it died! And we had so much going on at that time - we moved from our beloved building in the Highlands to be closer to my Dad. Then there was the cost of putting up a new website. We had spent tens of thousands of dollars on several websites previously, and that was just not in the cards.

We despaired of ever getting another one up! Then, we got involved with Rachel Hoffman’s June Virtual Doll Convention. Rachel kindly offered to help us set up this new website! She is wonderful!

And the tools that are available to design one’s own website today are nothing short of amazing.

It will take us some time to fill out the empty pages as we learn how to navigate these new waters. But bear with us and hopefully it will one day soon be complete.

I never ceased creating new dolls, although the number of designs certainly diminished greatly over the past five years. Now that prices have skyrocketed in China, we wonder if we will be able to produce our designs there much longer. But, even that doesn’t mean the end for us - it is merely a bend in the road.

I still have dreams about getting my hands in earth clay once again.