Words, Birds & this Virtual Thing...

I began the day on my knees, praying that God would give me the grace not to make a fool of myself in the videos scheduled for the afternoon for the Virtual to Doll Convention with Rachel Hoffman.

Then, I just happened to click onto a YouTube video about how much * Words Matter*. Now, you would think someone of my advanced age might already know this, and I thought that I did; but the framing of this video in addition to the scientific experiments that were highlighted within, simply rocked my world. I want to share thIs with all of you, but am technologically insufficient to figure out how to embed this in the blog - so I will just have to give you the name of the video. Please look it up and give it a few minutes of your time. Here it is:

“You will never speak bad words again after watching this! The Power of Words are HUGE” A & Ω Productions

The next thing that happened was this: Tamas urgently called me to the window to see a bird in the neighbor’s tree. We have many little brown birds - so what was the big deal? Well, this bird was brilliantly colored, with a bright red head, almost neon yellow body and black wings. Gorgeous! It took us almost till late afternoon to discover what this beautiful bird was, having never seen it before.

In the meantime, it was showtime with Rachel Hoffman! Rachel came to my studio, dressed adorably in a polka dot floor length garden party frock to interview me about the special edition dolls and the kits for the classes for her June 19th Virtual Doll Convention. You know you are dealing with a professional when she makes everything seem so effortless, including putting her ‘interviewees’ totally at ease.

This ‘virtual thing’ is all new to me too! But what a wonderful opportunity Rachel has opened for all of us to share and learn. I am truly humbled to be counted among the presenters at this upcoming convention!

After Rachel packed up her equipment and was off to the next exciting interview…. I was enjoying a glass of wine with my sister Anne, when her husband Mike spotted yet another one of those brilliant birds. Then a second, and a third. A precursor of beautiful things to come? I think so!

This is the bird (pictured above -right) the Western Tanager.

God is not called ‘THE Creator’ for no reason.

western tanager.jpg

Western Tanager